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Wood hand brom - bamboo wood

Bamboo and coconut fibers
37 cm

A decorative and functional hand broom made of natural sustainable materials.

The handle is made of bamboo, which is the fastest growing wood plant in the world. Bamboo is also anti-bacterial and water resistant which makes it both a sustainable and practical choice.
The hair of the brush is made of coir – or coconut fibre – which is a rough material made from coconut shells. The material is obtained from mature coconuts, which gives it the natural brown color. Coconuts are an abundant, renewable natural ressource, and on top of that, coir is both durable and has a low decomposition rate – making coir a very sustainable choice.

Use this hand broom alone or with HUMDAKIN’s Iron Dustpan with wooden handle for an aesthetic and sustainable cleaning experience.

Measurements: 37 cm

195,00 kr




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