Scented candle Yucca

325,00 kr

210 grams

Have you heard of the Danish word, hygge? There’s no direct translation, but a deep sense of comfort and happiness
is close. One good way to achieve this is by lighting a candle – and Humdakin has been working on creating the perfect scented candle for a long time!

HUMDAKIN Manov scented candle prolongs the feeling of a clean home! Staying true to the Humdakin brand DNA, the scented candle is created with 100% natural, vegetable and sustainably sourced ingredients.The wax blend is GMO-free, non-toxic and burns clean and even.

Manov is a mellow and sweet scent, like fresh flowers in a newly cleaned and aired out home. The scent is mild yet long-lasting and adds a fresh scent to any room! Light the
candle to instantly feel relaxed and ready to unwind – just what you need after a long day of cleaning.

Burn time = 55h

Ingredients: Soybean, RSPO certified Palm oil, Rapeseed, Shea Butter, Palm Kernel, Coconut, Perfume